who we are
RS Technologies is a software development company envisioned to provide diverse software solutions and services to industries in Africa and beyond. It is a Nigerian based company
Specialized in custom software development, our charge is to work closely with clients to meet their defined objectives
what we do
The vast and diverse experiences of the team give us comfort in transforming business ideas into brilliant results. We plough in adequate resources on any software project we handle within a set time and standard of the company to produce a most reliable application or service needs. We give the best of satisfaction in any project we handle, both standard and custom projects. When handling custom project(s), we focus our understanding on the unique business objective and operations as early approach to meeting the business needs.
what's new
8 Ebony Road, Orazi
Off Rumuola Road, Port Harcourt
e info@rstechnologies-ng.com
+234 809 6642 780
+234 812 6016 400

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